I need a name for my business HELPPP!!?

I am a stay at home mom and I am starting a business making candles, homemade lotions, shower gel, bath salts, lipgloss, bubble bath and other bath and body stuff. I need a name, I would like something really creative (like Common Scents, but that is a business name in my hometown) Something original but catchy and very clever. My name is Deanna but I really dont wanna use my name. I am from Indiana. Everything is homemade, with natural ingredients and the candles are soy. So anything other details you would like let me know!! Thank you so much :)
Well, I dont have a label yet, or idea for design I want to get a name first. My husband is a graphic designer so whatever I pick Im sure he can come up with something.
I like Scented Paradise….what do you think about that?? I really like a lot of your answers..keep em comming!! Im a very indecisive person :) lol

Created Pleasures

Wish you much success

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  1. lois r Says:

    Wicks and Lotions
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  2. hal_bp Says:

    Secret Scents
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  3. Shawna Says:

    Sweet Delights, Scents of purity, Heavenly Delights
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  4. Liz Says:

    You could always use. " Natural Beauty"

    Worth a try i think
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  5. daedealis Says:

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  6. Josh R Says:

    Hi deanna, its Josh from Sarasato, Bradenton, FL USA. I got name for your small business call it The Lady’s Touch I think its catchy, and it will catch on, use this name for your web site if you like to create 1 Josh, let me know what you think.
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  7. gary s Says:

    what about ‘sensations"
    or ‘my touch my feel my world"
    or ‘girly stuff"
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  8. jamie_0778 Says:

    perfectly pampered?

    are you going to be putting your business on a website? if so let me know the web address! i would like to check out what you have! i love stuff like that. they make the best gifts.
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  9. thomas m Says:

    Emotion Lotions and other Notions.
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  10. gquestness*MD Says:

    Created Pleasures

    Wish you much success
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  11. Ka99 Says:

    Cinnamon scent (for some reason this just came to mind)

    Bath and body house

    The Bath house

    Luscious scents

    Natural essence

    Wow i have surprised myself!
    Good luck sounds great!
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  12. Phillip C Says:

    Deanna ,

    You provided great information about your products…..But there are other parameters that I need to know about to asses and give you the name that will be catchy,modern and memorable. I could even send you some visual/pic Ideas that you might could choose from Does your products have a theme as in decor’. do they have a particular pattern on the design label ( such as flowers or modern scuplt’) ?? Write me back and let me know if I can help.
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  13. justagrl30 Says:

    I like that you are using all natural products, and you definitely need something in the name that suggests that. I’m bad at names but I will brainstorm some keywords, maybe it will get your brain juices flowing:

    Natural temptations
    A’ la natural
    mommas natural scents
    scentilicious (per Fergie, although she spells it out)
    Natural body aroma
    Natural aroma elements
    primal essence
    elemental scents
    vital scents
    in the raw
    indulgences (sp?)

    the thesaurus gave me these for scent

    aroma, aura, balm, bouquet, essence, fragrance, incense, odor, perfume, redolence, spice, tang, track, trail, whiff
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  14. blackhatjack Says:

    Natural Woman by Deanna
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  15. din2smoove Says:

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  16. Dr DIY Says:

    How about
    rare scents
    rare essence

    Sell them on the net.
    Do it all yourself and do it for free.

    Take Control – DIY
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